Football in istanbul

Hello everyone. I was wondering that where can i play football (5aside or 7aside) in istanbul. I will be here for 11 more days, and i would really love to play football with some people, so if you‘re up to it or if u know anyplace, please let me know. Thank u. EHSAN.

Istanbul has many football clubs. Depending on where you live, youc an go and check your local football club.

Im in kadikoy. Do u know any place? And do u know some people? Because i cant play on my own

Check out Fenerbahce FC.

Hi Ehsan,

Given that Fenerbahce FC is a professional football club with it's own large stadium facility which is not public, i think the places you need are more like amateur pitches where you and your friends can pay for an hour long rent to play.

These can be found anywhere though. Go ahead and type "halı saha" on Google that will show you the map indicating the small public pitches nearby.

Good luck with finding teammates!

Thanks alot that was a big help

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