What do I need in order to open a gesthouse in Zanzibar?


I'm an Japanese who would like to open a gesthouse in Stone Town.

What sort of permit do I need? how about Licence,permits for goverment?
What are the fees? How long will it take to get it? Do I need to take care of it all before I go.

anyway,I want to know anything to do in order to start a gesthouse buisiness.

Sorry for so many questions. I need all the help I can get! lol Thank you in advance for helping! :)

i think its a lil bit of long process that no one can explain all to u.. but first thing is u need to have the plot where u want to place the building then you need to consult the authority concerned for the permits and many other things but also someone to assist u in ur activities as a supervisor...just few to mention but there are many things to be carried out


thank you for reply.
yea it sounds difficult for me to open gest house.
so I need someone's help.

>>there are many things to be carried out
I think so!

There are so many things to do but most of them are going respectively.
-Are you going to build your own property or are  you  taking over an existing property?

The question above is a guideline to to me to give you precise information.

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