Insurance for student visa application

Dear all,

Would like to seek some advice here for my student visa application related to the insurance required.

Background : Non-EU citizen, student visa more than > 90days (long term stay)

Embassy requires health insurance for student visa application,

My questions are :

(1) My insurance agent told me i can use travel insurance ( which she help some students for abroad studying but not Italy). She said travel insurance also covered medical.

(2) I will study one year in italy, must I buy the insurance for full one year?

Please help !


Yes, you will need to have insurance that covers you for the entire length of your stay in Italy.


There’s a form you can fill out and have it notarized by an accredited notary (I had mine notarized in the post office) where you state that you swear that once you are in Italy, you will immediately purchase a health care insurance.

I used this for my health insurance: … tudents_en

This insurance can be either purchased prior to arriving in Italy or once you are here.

Hope this helps.

You can google for yourself edu service dot org

Yes, a travel insurance policy will work for you as long as you are covered for the full length of the stay. You may consider a bit better of a plan than travel insurance if you are not going to maintain a primary health insurance plan in the US while you are there.

If you will on a plan in the US while studying abroad then a travel plan should suffice.

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