Saving village shop

Hi,  hoping there is help out there.

Our local mini shop is closing.  It is valuable to the aged community for the daily bread and bits and bobs.  Thought I may take it over but don't know the cost implications with licences etc.  Already got a company from when we bought the house.  Need to know what I need to do next.  Thanks in advance.  Annie

Hi I may I suggest you contact maybe the local mayor or nearest council?
I think this might be the first line of contact then you can see if you can assist or not? (I would suggest asking the shop owners direct but the language barrier might be an obstacle unless you can speak Bulgarian? 
Good luck, I have saw a few sparsely stocked mini stores in a neighboring village's that I pass through and know that to the local community they are very important.
Regards Steve.

Thanks Steve,

Sadly, like most remote villages, more and more of the young people are moving to towns or are working abroad so it may not be financially viable (not that I wanted to make profit from it but to breakeven) to keep the shop open.  We have a good relations with our neighbours so will happily take them to the local town to get their supplies.  It's a shame though.

Yeah same all over the villages with the young leaving but then again they need to find something beyond their villages, bit like we probably did from our own home towns.That is a real shame about the local shop I know you didn't see it as a money pit but more of a necessity for older locals, to be able to run them to the nearest shops is very kind it may take a bit of coaxing though? I decided to walk one day from the local town to the local village, in a car say 20 minutes on foot hours!! (but I was astonished by the amount of various people stopping to give me a lift up a road etc...) 
It is an honest generosity that you find rather than highlighting bad press, corruption etc!!
Hopefully the closure of the shop may become temporary? Have a good day, nice to chat/type with you Steve.

Yes, I did exactly the same when I was younger. 

I tend to give the old boys a lift if I see them waiting at the bus stop so they are used to me now and I politely refuse their 2lv bus fare.

If I do proceed or find out any more information, I will post it on here as it may be of use for someone else.

Kind regards


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