Where to buy affordable clothes for teaching

Hi everyone...I'm planning on teaching here in HCMC and I'm fully aware of the need to be presentable, not just here but in Asia in general when applying and conducting classes.

I have a few shirts but probably they aren't really up to scratch. So I was wondering where in the city I could buy some shirts, trousers and ties that isn't going to break the bank...I'm staying near D7 at the minute, but of course can travel further if necessary.

Any help and tips would be really appreciated...cheers! ;)

Go to any Vietien shirt shop, (are everywhere)they will have shirts,trousers and ties.

Some co-op marts have decent collections of affordable trousers and shirts in their 'clothes' sections. While Vietien should be your first choice, you may also check your nearest co-op, especially for formal trousers.

If you can find it, Vinatex supermarket in D4, they have fairly good prices on clothes. I bought clothes there 9 years ago and still have some of their shirts.

Try Lotte Mart at junction Nguyen Thi Thap and Nguyen  Huu Tho District 7
Lots of shirts ,ties and shirt and tie packs on the second floor

Any idea how much a shirt for this purpose would cost in those shops or how much he should spend on each item? I'm interested too.

There are various qualities,packages,styles and brands at Lotte Mart and how much to pay is your need to go along ,have a look...if it's not for you then your choice is made

Hi all, thanks for all the responses and advice, I really appreciate it. I found some ok quality and price clothes in co-op mart. Trousers were around 350k and a good shirt and tie cost about 300k. They do have lower price clothes there, but the quality is a bit shoddy when you drop down 100k or more. The items I bought will do for interviews etc. but will probably look elsewhere for everyday stuff, as the clothes I bought while ok quality and price are a bit heavy and no doubt will result in a puddle of water at the end of a working day ;)

All good suggestion here already.  However, I found having my clothes tailor made - the best-value alternative.  I believe Last time I paid around 400,000 VND, or so, for a CUSTOM fit shirt  and about 750,000 VND for custom slacks with the materials I CHOSE - they have lasted for 3 years already, and still look great.

If you will be teaching in public school, comfort will be the most important - having no air-conditioning, you should avoid ANYTHING made with nylon polyester - even a small amount (note: IF you can find something in your size, Viettien Shops have mostly fabric-blends with polyester - it's miserable and doesn't breath).

Instead I suggest you will need a LIGHT 100% cotton shirt (at least two - you'll daily wear one and wash one).  Good 100% wool slacks (suit pants), I have found to be the coolest and easiest to care for - wash them - don't worry about dry cleaning them, and they dry quickly when wet - buy an iron.

Now, where to buy - I went to Anh Khai at 382/33 Le Hong Phong St., Ward One, District Ten -  An honest and very experienced tailor. 0989516640. - don't worry about speaking (he doesn't speak English), rather take a picture off-of the internet of ANYTHING you want and he will make it EXACTLY the same.

I bought a hand-made, Italian-styled suit from him for about 150 US.  I chose the style from books he had there, also chose the fabric from samples he had.

In English center locations with air-conditioning - I recommend the same.

Gareth Uk :

Try Lotte Mart at junction Nguyen Thi Thap and Nguyen  Huu Tho District 7
Lots of shirts ,ties and shirt and tie packs on the second floor

I like Lotte Mart for many things.
Good selection of Department Store type clothes. Make sure you also check the folded piles under the racks for larger sizes.
I managed to find a very light weight pair of black slacks that I had looked all over town for.

Also in general, if you go to local markets, the items made in Vietnam and incredibly cheap. I got 3 long sleeve dress shirts that probably sell in WalMart for 15 to $20, and I paid US$6.

Good luck

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