Single meet up

Is anyone here living at Jakarta who really still single(no bf/gf yet)and yet would like to have meet up community in jakarta so far as a friendship and networking.whats up me at xxxx .cheers!

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I am, i would love to met new people and make friends. thanks

Noted Tarie,you may add my wats app number i will include you to the group.thanks


why have to be single? thank you

Exactly !!

Hi tarri...yes, me too..i wanna make a friends..

just ask, but i don't mind to make a new friends :)

Margareta09 :


why have to be single? thank you

Good Question :)

Greetings all :)

We are creating a group exclusive for single,maybe we don't know from there they will find their DESTINY !

Try using the new app Cheers on iOS and Android to meet singles around Jakarta

Please ad me to your whatsapp too .. thank you

Im not single.. But id love to make a new friends..

I want to ask which one means the singles can have many meaning can be a girl and also a widow or divorce...hehehe 😀

Hi all, nice to meet you all. long you are not double :D

hello every one

Hello there, i’d like to join the group too if possible!😊 thank you!

Hi Baellarina,

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Hi lukereg!

lol i just noticed it. Maybe i’ll try to make a new one soon! Thanks tho😊

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