Good health insurance agent/broker?

Anyone have a good insurance agent/broker for health insurance they'd recommend? Right now, I'm looking for  major medical "emergency" type coverage if something big and expensive were to happen to me while I was in Mexico. I'm headed for Central Mexico, with San Miguel, Ajijic & Queretaro on the top of my list to live. Especially SMA. Thanks so much! --Barb

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promobabe ,

There are links under handy tools at the top of the page that you can try. Also there are members who live in those areas who may be able to advise based on their experience.  goodgrief has general experience with the country/ state provided  insurance here so you could message him. Mike G lives in SMA as does drC who is a dentist who volunteers with the poor. ( that's not his precise sign in ID, but he has posted a number of times recently)..

I just pay cash, its much cheaper than the U.S. and I am very healthy so I can't provide much personal experience  help.

Thanks for the heads up on using the forum links.  I totally agree, I'd use cash for simple medical things. I'm talking about a catastrophic medical policy in case of major illness or accident, or if I needed to be airlifted back to the States.

I would talk to the members I suggested. They live in those areas or have direct experience . Mexico has insurance systems for residents.

On a personal note, I  would never dream of being air lifted to the states. The medical care is good here, so I would go to one of the main hospitals here. Many of the doctors here are quite well trained, and speak at least 2 languages.  The doctor who cared for my family member spoke three, and he was open to discussing treatment plans.

Yes I keep hearing how excellent the medical care is in major cities in Mexico. It's one of the reasons I'm interested in moving there. "Airlifted to the US" is an extreme scenario. While I travel, I just want catastrophic coverage so a catastrophic event doesn't wipe me out financially. Anything less than that and I'd pay out of pocket.

Yes Barb, You are correct, as emergency air ambulance transports can range from $20,000 to $50,000 USD, or more depending on where you want to go, and traditional insurance policies can exclude or tie you up with conditions or exclusions, and if covered, usually forcing you to pay first, file a claim later, and hope for the best. I have an excellent service I use and promote. If you connect with me here on, I'd be happy to email you the info, as this site will not allow me to post the link.

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