How can I find a native English speaking Babysitter in Tehran?

I am a mom of two little kids who I have been trying to raise as bilingual kids. My eldest son is two years and half and is able to speak English and Persian equally. I am looking for a reliable native English speaker to spend some hours a week playing and talking to my sons so I can find some time to myself to go back to work. I donot expect much, I will do my best to provide everything. The problem is I do not know where I can find such person. I will be grateful if you help me.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Have you tried to check out the classifieds above the page in the section handy tools?
If there is nothing suitable, you can post a free ad as well where you can provide more details. Your post get more views there than here on the public forum as this forum is officially not designed for these kind of questions and your post will fade away when time pass by.

Good luck!

Many thanks Primadonna,
No, I haven't tried but I will take your advice. Thanks again for your reply.

You're welcome 😊

That's a tough one.
Political bovine output means there are very few westerners in Iran so you're going to have a hard job finding someone.
Possible alternatives, if available there, are streamed UK kids' TV programs.
Not as good but helpful.

Thank you very much Fred for your reply.
I do let them watch English TV programs from time to time and I am an English instructor. The problem is I need someone's supervision and presence to take care of them. That's why TV programs cannot be sufficient. I am the only person in my family who can speak English so there is no one else to fill in the gap in my absence.

You're point is valid and I understand it fully.
Sadly, politics is likely to mess up your plans and that's something that won't be cured in time to help you with your request.
Here's wishing you the best of luck in your search.

You are right Fred, Unfortunately, this is the point. Thanks anyway, wish you all the best.

For sure feeling your pain! Also have 2 smalI children. I would settle for a reliable Farsi only nanny. I am also the only English input for my kids, don't worry mama, they'll pick it up! My oldest is 4 and luckily he can go to school with me and they speak English, but my youngest is 2 and I just need a nanny for a year! So far, no luck. Any tips on reliable Persian nannies?

Hi Chrissy,
Many thanks for your sympathy and your nice message, how about us getting to know each other?
I've always wanted to have an American friend. As We are in the same boat Maybe if we become friends, I can teach some persian words to your kids and you can speak English with my sons. Just a thought!

Yeah sure that sounds like fun. My kids are pretty fluent in  Farsi, but I bet if your kids played with mine they would enjoy practicing English together. Well the youngest is prelanguage, but I need to expose him to English too. I have Saturdays off, send me a PM.

It looks like this is going to have a happy ending with two ladies and a bunch of kids all gaining new friends and new language skills.


Yeah, that will be great. :)

Great ladies!
Have fun and glad that this is also a side of this forum to connect people in real life.

It really is. Thank you:)

Hello ladies. I am actually looking for the same for my 2 year old son as I want to expose him to English more. I also taught it would be a good idea to make a playgroup with toddlers and mums English speakers in some of the parks... ? What do you think? That way we get to meet and kids get to play and we all speak English :)

I love that Idea!!!

Hello Maya,
That's a great idea, count me in. Send me a private message.

Hi girls I am an Aussie living in Iran with my hubby and 7 month old daughter and I am looking for other females who speak English to chat with (I am limited to my hubbys family lol) where is everyone based? I am in Tehran my Farsi isn't bad I understand the basics of that helps but in regards to your kids learning I am the one that ends up helping the kids in the family learn English and I will be home schooling my daughter in English, Farsi and Spanish ☺️

Heyyy, thanks for writing to us, I live in the east of Tehran, I first found Maya here then we met and made great friends, we got along well and used to plan to catch up several times a months  but a while ago she moved to Italy, I miss her so much, unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to meet Chrissy, but I would love to get to know you. You live in Tehran but whereabouts? My kids now are bigger than the time I posted this. My first son is about 3 years and half, and the second one is 15 months old.

Hi soude find me on Instagram to chat: *** (message edit lol)

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Hi again, how are you doing? I will follow you on Instagram to chat more easily. Thanks

I'm going to edit my message I thought it was privatel lol

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