Looking for an English Speaking Lawyer Expertise in Citizenship

Hi All,

I am a UK decendent of a Gernam citizen - my father and grandparents were burn in Bochum. I am shortly going to be applying for German citizenship, and need a german lawyer to help me with the pplications, as it quite a complicated matter. Frankfurt would be the best place for me to visit to see a lawyer.

if anyone can help me with this I shall be very grateful. A small friendly legal practice would be ideal for me.

Many thanks,


If you do'nt speak German, it will be difficult to become a German citizen...

Is speaking German required - if you are a blood decendent of a German citizen and direct blood relative?

I think Steffifi is talking about German naturalisation; that does require an "adequate" knowledge of German.  Claiming citizenship as a right because of a German father does not require German language skills.

If your father and/or mother was German citizen at the time of your birth (and you have documents to prove this), then you don't need a lawyer: Just submit those documents together with an application form to your nearest German embassy.
If none of your parents was German when you were born (or you cannot prove it), you are probably out of luck and should not waste money on a lawyer finding the same out for you.

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