Annual Gross Salary 40,000 Euro in Belgium

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I am getting job in Belgium and employer is offering me the annual gross salary of 40,000 Euro so could you please let me know how much net salary i will take home per month ?


Depends on the job?


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I will come with my family and  1 kid.

I will work as System Administrator (Information Technology engineer) so in this case can you please advice .



These may help.

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         I have checked on both websites but there is difference in net salary, so can you please tell me which one is correct .


These websites are just indicating an approx number.

Tax applied on your salary will depend on various factors. If it impossible to make an accurate calculation. Belgian tax system is very complex. Till you get your first payslip, you will not know what is your net :)

You may ask your Employer to make a gross to net simulation. Again, it will be an approx number.

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Like everyone else, you want to have a good salary. But with the Belgian tax system, you have to calculate differently. The more you ask for a large salary, the more taxes you pay. As a result, it will be much more profitable to seek extra-legal benefits. Such as company car, meal voucher, private medical cover, ... You would be surprised by anything you can ask for besides the salary.

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Your employer would be the best person? Otherwise, ask the employer's accountant or consult this site:


Is the company offering you a house, or you have to rent it ?

Almost 68-70% you will recieve in you hand,

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You should enquire whether the annual salary includes a 13th month. Most companies provide you with a 13th month and a vacation premium equal to 92% of a monthly salary. As a result you could have to calculate your monthly salary as 40,000/13.92=2,874. Another point is that the 13th salary and the vacation premium are taxed at a higher rate than the monthly salary. Frankly, 40k annual in It is really low.
If your company has a certain size it will include in a series benefits in package such as life/disability/hospitalisation insurance, pension plan, meal vouchers, phone bill, etc... unless it is essential to your function most companies provide a car starting a certain level but you have a few companies providing cars to all employees. Bear in mind that most of those benefits will generate a deduction off your net but at a fraction of the price you would pay if you contracted privately.

I am in the same position of figuring out whether my salary is good enough for living and saving (some).

I did some calculation for you based on 40,000 euros, the gross salary (just the best I can do - does not mean it's accurate).

Scenario 1: you come as a single person

personal allowance = 7,270
social security (13.07%) = 5,228
taxable = 40,000 - 7,270 - 5,228 = 27,502
federal tax = 9,546.9
municipal tax (7%) =  1925.14
total deductions = social security + federal tax + municipal tax = 16,700.04
net annual salary = 23,299.96

Therefore, if you have 12 installments, your monthly net income is 1,941.66 euros.

If you have 13.92 installments, it will be 1,674 euros. I don't know the tax rates of vacation pay and the 13th month salary, however. You would need a more conservative estimate if those rates are higher.

Scenario 2: You come as a family (you, spouse who does not work and one kid)
In this case, you get a greater amount of allowance. My rough estimate is you get 27,795 net annual income. Dividing it by 12, you have 2,316 euros per month.


In my case I have the same offer, in Brussels regions, this is the details:

- Gross salary : 40 368 € for 13.92 months
- Fringe benefits :
        + Representation fees : 2.400 € (net)
        + Meal fees : 1.300 € (net)
        + Eco-checks: 250 € net/year
my tax rate would be around 24-28%

- Company car :The budget is 700 €/month (net).
- Social security
        + AXA : 4% of your gross annual salary i.e 1670 €
        + DKV : 49,98€ on 12 months i.e 1105 €

In the first time, probably, i will come without my wife (non working, she w'll try to continue here study after) and my 2 children (1y and 4y) and then i will asking for family reunification.

Can you please tel me if that is Ok or not.

Thank you in advance

what is your profession sir?

I'm a Tunisian computer engineer with almost 10 years professional experience

The salary itself without considering benefits does not seem comparable to your seniority (10 years). The amount of total money you receive would be enough to live on, however. This is just my personal opinion. Someone with familiarity in your industry would have a better perspective.

Thank you for your reply.

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