Looking to retire in Croatia

Hi guys - I'm Curt and have just signed up to this forum so very much a newbie.
Looking to retire in Croatia in the next few years and will be travelling there for a scouting trip this year and again in 2018. Have my sights set on Split and would like to get to know people (not only expats) that also reside in Split that can talk English and Croatian if possible.
Have many questions for anyone out there willing to listen and hopefully be a new friend in my life.

Welcome Curt,

Split is great, at least for an AARP-aged person like myself who likes to walk and does water sports when the weather permits. It's got an active expat community, pretty global, that includes a few locals who happen to enjoy the foreigners (we can count my husband as quasi-local since he's from Sarajevo, spent a lot of time on the Makarska Riviera in his youth, and speaks the language). The one thing that shocked us are real estate prices--cheaper than the Bay Area but probably comparable to some U.S. cities.

Feel free to PM if you need to.

Good luck Curt. Hopefully I'm not far behind you.. though I have my sights set on Pula because I think it's much less expensive than Split or Dubrovnik... where would you be relocating from?



Hi Lucyland

what would the rentals be like on a more long term basis if real estate is that expensive?

Hi Karmester

from South Africa near Cape Town

If you read more around these forums you will pick up on the fact that because of the high-value of tourist-season rentals, it's hard to find flats for year round let.  Not impossible, just not what is mostly out there on the market...  at least from what I've read/heard.

Karmester is correct--most rentals in touristy parts on the coast take advantage of the tourist season but you can find year-round leases; you might have to pay a bit more per month, though.

We typically let the folks we rent vacation rentals from that we are looking to rent or buy and leads usually manifest. This has been true in Split, the Markarska Riviera, and Kvarner Bay area.

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I'd request you to post a free ad in the Housing in Split section to increase to visibility of your research. Furthermore, i'm suggesting you a list of the recommended real estate agencies in Split you might want to contact : Real estate agencies in Split

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If it is not essential for you to live at the coast there are much cheaper properties inland. I paid 14,000 Euros for my rural house with farm buildings.

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