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Hello I have a question.
I married and Egyptian 5 years ago in Alexandria with a local judge .I have a marriage contract however we never registered it in the Embassy.So I got pregnant went back to America to have to have the baby .When I had the baby His name was put on.the birth certificate and the birth certificate was stamped by the American Consulate in America.After that I came back to Egypt things didn't workout between us and we now divorced for.the last 3 years.My question is Is my baby eligible for Egyptian citizenship since her father is Egyptian on the birth certificate however our marriage contract was not registered at the we were married.Please help

I think that would be easy if you were still married together but you said it was not registered and that make it even harder to prove it .... should ask an international lawyer about that ... i know there must be a way to do it .

I'm not sure but in cases like this and the 2 parties are Egyptian they file a case in family court to confirm the parent of the child and since his name is already mentioned they might ask for a DNA test once it's confirmed the DNA test she can get the Egyptian citizen ship but again you need to seek a professional lawyer

Check with the US Embassy in Cairo. I am sure they can give you the correct answer

I've been told that I have to register the marriage contract in Egyptian  court .However that would mean I am legally married with my ex husband and that I'm not interested in .His name is already on her American birth certificate and it's stamped by the American consulate =/

They havent been very resourceful at all unfortunately .

I guess I'll look into this option I've received so much info.many from lawyers and Muhamies  it involves doing things that are against my "moral.code".I'm on the verge of giving up.and accepting that .Yes she is half Egyptian there isn't any documentation to.prove. She's now 3 years old and it's just exhausting .Sorry for the rant lol Thank you for the advice

Hey Jersey,

please don't give up, this is her right.

please read the below article, it might help you.

Good luck.


Whether your contract is registered or not, you only need to get a copy of this contract, and certainly signed by you former spouse and birth certificate

With these documents can be your lawyer and make a lawsuit against your ex husband -"of course that is in the case of his denial" - in order to prove that he is her father

the lawyer will demand a request of DNA analysis from the court in order to support your situation

of course if the result will be positive, you will win the lawsuit and gain a judgement that will help you to demand the egyptian nationality for you daughter

the matter is simple, so do not worry

but, I have a question I wish not to annoy you with it

what is a add value of the egyptian citizenship to your daughter?

as I see she considered as an American citizen and there is no need to gain another nationality

I hope that helps you

Best regards

If you really want to register her for both Egyptian and American citizen if you really do I can help you but make sure that is what you want first
Dr. Maimunah

I do

how do you contact me privetly..


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Of course she can obtain Egyptian citizen

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