Salary sufficient?

Hi all,

I was wondering if with an offer of 15k QAR a month, and with the high cost of living and accommodation, is it possible to make it pay. I plan to come with my wife and my little baby (16 months old).
We would probably need a 2 bedrooms flat and a car.

Many thanks all!

I am not currently in Doha but will be soon. My research shows the following costs for you.

Accommodation: 6,000
Transport: 1,500
Groceries: 2,500
Entertainment: 2,000

You would save 3,000

Similar to that or probably less depending on where you decide to live

Hi seeker12, many thanks for your response. As you said it all depends on where we decide to live!

Hopefully some feedbacks from people already there.


Hi Reda,

Housing cost takes a huge portion of salary here in Qatar. May I know why you need 2 bedrooms? It will be a little tight for you if you go for expensive place, so I suggest you look for a nice one-bedroom flat which will have a nice kitchen with a bar, and a sufficient living space to entertain few guests. This will cost 5,000-6,500 depending on the area. You can also go for 2-bedroom flat but the quality of the area and unit itself will be sacrificed, unless you extend your budget.

Car will cost 1,500 - 3,000 for rental, while a car loan would set you as low as 900 per month for a small sedan up to 3,000 for a decent size SUV, but you need to pay 10-20% down payment.

Entertainment could be expensive if you drink often in hotels as one glass could cost some 100 QAR in, let us say, Trader Vics. However, there are lots of happy hour in town. So better ask your HR for liquor permit so you can buy your own drinks that can only be consumed at home.

Hi rc2014,

Many thanks for your feedback. Actually, I would need a 2 bedrooms flat because I'm moving with my wife and baby. Indeed, as you said, I have to sacrifice the area to find something affordable (around 6.5K / 7 KRial).

I split my monthly salary (15.8k rial) as follows:
- Accom (2 bedrooms) + bills (water / elec): 7k,
- car rental (a small sedan is fine)+ essence: 2.5k
- Groceries (& exceptional expenses(medical visit etc.): 4k
- Entertinmt + (other expenses: mobile subs, internet): 2k
What do you think? many thanks again!

Hi again,

I think you the expenditure will be similar but the breakdown may be different in some areas.
- rent and bills 7k
- transport 2k
- groceries 2.5k
- other costs and medical (health card means not much costs) 0.5k
- internet and mobile (10mb, mid package) 0.5k.
- entertainment 2k

Total 14.5k

When you go there you may find that its much cheaper if you shop in local stores as opposed to Carrefour or other western supermarkets.

PM me as I may be able to help you with cutting down transport costs.

"I split my monthly salary (15.8k rial) as follows:
- Accom (2 bedrooms) + bills (water / elec): 7k,
- car rental (a small sedan is fine)+ essence: 2.5k
- Groceries (& exceptional expenses(medical visit etc.): 4k
- Entertinmt + (other expenses: mobile subs, internet): 2k!"

I say  that budget for accommodation is fine, including the utility bills. Car rental, I once rented a 2014 Kia Cerato for 2,400 per month, I bet 2016-17 would still cost around that figure these days. Keep in mind that you need to put gasoline, depending on how heavy/far you drive, it can cost 200-300 QAR per month for a sedan.

In numbers, it could be easy to look at, but I believe it would be a different story when you're out here.

I can't comment on your grocery expenses but medical visits, I also believe, is quite expensive. Ask your company if they will give you an insurance card. Most of multinational companies have this scheme, and I for example, can go to hospital and pay only 10-20% for assessment, and same discount for medicine.

Basic home broadband costs 250/month with several interesting channels and a landline. Mobile plan would be good for 300 per month X 2 for you. There will be lots of petty  things that when you add up, will become significant.

With all that expenses per month, are you not planning to save some money?

Many thanks to all of you! much appreciated.
Unfortunately, with all these expenses, I am not sure I will be able to save some money... but my wife plans to find a job once there. I think we can then start saving some money.

Indeed, my company will provide me this insurance card (with a private insurance company), but not sure for my wife and baby.

Also, I saw that the unfurnished flats are less expensive, do you know where I can find affordable furnitures (I checked Ikea's website, but a bit expensive...) and if any tips before renting a flat (better asking an agency, water, elec included or not that important etc., central or split A/C, free maintenance etc...) many thanks!
I will probably try to find something central near Al Sadd, Doha Al jadeed, Najma etc.

Great if you can extend the benefits of the insurance card to your family, which is usually the case, at least where I work.

Ikea is a great place to shop household items, that's where I got most of my items but you can also check Home Center or, for bargain furnitures, check Souq Haraj.

Al Sadd is pretty central, check out Al Nasser and Bin Mahmoud as well. These blocks are close to each other, but can get traffic especially during rush hour.

Agency fee is usually being paid for, they ask for half a month commission.

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