New in Lyon

Hello Any Filipino here in Lyon who would like to meet up?

We just arrived here last April 6 and would love to meet some kabayan here . We came from Switzerland.

Originally I'm from Cebu married to a British and we have a child (2 1/2 year old boy ) we both don't speak French yet and hopefully I can study French language .

We found out too difficult to communicate if we don't speak French . I need to find a nursery school for my baby once we settle down.

I came here 2 years ago and felt in love with it like,  so start exploring Lyon and give me a shout if you fancy a coffee Have a good evening

Hi Pruska,

I am also new in Lyon. I was living in shenzhen china, i have been in Cebu, my son studied cinema at big foot lapu lapu ...
We can meet up if you want, i am living in 5th arrondissement in lyon and i speak french

Have a nice day !


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