Exporting Vehicle from Saudi Arabia

While in KSA I have noticed that vehicles are extremely cheap and I want to buy one and import it in my home country.

Car that sells $100,000 here is selling for $25,000 in KSA.

Can I buy the vehicle and get export plates and transfer it from Jeddah port to Thesalonikki port. Would I have any issues?
Anyone tried to bring their cars from KSA?

It's depends on your country taxes.
In Jeddah you will pay for the contanoer and 5% of the car price .
Contact with port of jeddah 012/6486811

what about final exit time?Is selling the car  necassery to get final exit ?

To get final exit, you must not have any vehicle in your name; either surrender the registration and export it if you wish to take it along, or sell it and transfer the registration to a local/ resident expat.

so if i would like to take my car back home together with my household belongings, they would put the car in a container?
what documents would i need to produce at the port?

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