America is full of business opportunities

Hi, I'm living in NJ since 9 months. Cause I had to wait a bit for my work permission I started to check for different business opportunities here. And I found out, that there is so much to do here, or rather that American business market offers so many business opportunities. Have you the same feeling?

Do you have any business opportunities could share with ?

Yes please share if you know any. It would be helpful.

If you are one that easily connects with others and is quite social then the American market is really open for insurance sales representatives.

Currently 95% of American's are under-insured.

If you would like information on getting started with insurance companies you can contact me for tips and advice.

This is great! I am having some trouble finding good work but there are endless places to look! I wish everyone the best of luck finding a Job in the USA. We can do it!

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