Moving to Quy Nhon

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I'm considering a move from Saigon to Quy Nhon beginning of May and am looking for studio or one bed accommodation, preferably on a monthly basis with some cooking facilities.  Can anyone point me in the right direction or have any contacts?

for a regular job , this could be not convenient , but at 10Km South from Quy Nhon , there is a paradise in a small fisherman village :
Name of village is Bai Xep
and two guest houses facing sea and a beautifull beach : Big tree and Haven ( good food and beer ....)
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I was also looking about moving to Quy Nhon. I'd like to go there in December but trying to find out what the weather is like over there at that time? Could you give me an idea? Is it sunny and reasonably warm or cold and wet?

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Very tough to= get 1 bedrom so--apasrtment or studio, except maybe mega bucks,

backpackers not=places r not suitable
stupid 4 month depositis r a ball-breaker likely to get stolen..................... u have no recourse.

dont pay and deposit.   

new building near mac la ? street look of 3-4.5 mill a month depending on if its furnidehed,. a bit cramped and little sunlight

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