Dental Care in Mexico

Serendipity brought me to San Miguel the Allende, Guanajuato,  a beautiful Hamlet, tucked about 400 Kilometers North of Mexico City and Destine, my old friend  has guided me ever since.
San Miguel de Allende was voted the Best City in the World to live by the travel magazine Conde Naste in 2013 and yet again in 2016 it came 3rd place on Travel + Leisure’s 2016 “World’s Best Cities” List.
There is a large percentage of  Retired Americans and Canadians living in San Miguel and as we  know, with age comes  liabilities of Health, so some of the Best doctors and Dentist  are moving to San Miguel, making it a Mecca for Medical and Dental care.
The cost of Dental Treatment in San Miguel compared to the United states is 60%-70% less and in some cases this disparity could include your Airline fare and Hotel.
The quality of  Health care  is Exceptional and most dentist only use American materials for fixed and removable Prostheses.
Sometimes the language could be a challenge  for English Speaking Visitors, but now more and more Professionals are learning English as a second language.
I encourage my compatriots who are not covered by dental Insurance to come to San Miguel for  a week or two and take care of all their Dental needs while enjoying a wonderful vacation. They would be  pleasantly Surprised.

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