Hello and see you soon (hopefully)

I am so glad for the existence of the internet! How did people prepare to move abroad in the le days?

I am originally from Canada and moved to the UK over 10 years ago for what was supposed to be a 3-4 years period. Life being what it is, I met my husband one year in, we are now the proud parents of a lovely toddler and I am now about to actually become British myself...

Husband has been offered a position in East Saudi and the plan is to move to Bahrain, probably in a compound in Saar. He will be moving over in just few short weeks but I will have to stay here a little longer to sort this nags out (including, ironically, sorting out my British citizenship)

I am both very excited and a little apprehensive...

I'm sure you'll love this country from day 1 as it is the case with me :)
I wish you all the best.

Welcome To Bahrain

Welcome to Bahrain

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