Let us help students living in France with tips about different things

Hi all..

Why not take the opportunity to help all expats in Paris or even France by sharing your experiences about residence, food, shopping, site seeing, hanging out, jobs, studies, transportation, cost of living and more!!

This is my second year in France so I thought I should share some of my experiences to you all.

- Residence : I found my residence on, a very known website for students' residence
-Site seeing : Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, Jardin Luxembourg, Jardin Tuileries
-Transportation : If you're studying and you're under 26 years old, go for the Imagine R, it's your daily transportation card (which costs 50% less than an usual one, but you can only apply from september-october-november or so, around where the school year starts)
- Food : if you're new (or old) in Paris and that you want to discover the food here, definitely go try these "FOOD TRIPS" on They have many categories of food and depending on your preferences you can discover any kind of food in Paris that you want (without knowing the restaurants first)

Thank you Salemou!

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