Looking for a job in Hanoi, more information below

Hi guys,

Let me begin by stating my languages which are are fluency in Arabic and English, and intermediate French.
I have a BA in Business Administration and MSc. in International Business Management (Project Management). Currently living in London.

I have experience in banking, office management, sales, sales consultancy and entrepreneurship.
I'm looking to move to Hanoi because my mother lives there on her own/trying to join her.

Im trying my best to avoid teaching jobs. Other management jobs posted on websites require Vietnamese fluency.
Is there a chance for a zero Vietnamese speaker to be hired in a management position?

Is it too hard to employ someone like me in large companies like Pepsi, Sony, Samsung, Ersnt & Young, etc. in Vietnam? Also, do factories accept foreigners? I know there are lots of huge factories of all sorts in Vietnam.

I am visiting Hanoi end of April, do you recommend I pop by these big names and ask to see an HR member of staff? Would that be an awkward move and I'll be turned away or is it acceptable to do so?

Kind regards,


Hi, welcome to the forum and ... nice CV.
Perhaps I could suggest posting it in "Jobs" at the top of this page as ads there tend to get more views as they don't disappear down the list as forum threads eventually do.

Once again, welcome to the forum and good luck. :)

Thanks a lot Fred. I took your advice and I've just uploaded my CV.


Hope things work out for you. This forum is extremely handy for expat related issues but isn't much when it comes to advertising as it simply isn't geared that way.
However, any ad is better than none and you never know your luck in a raffle.
The CV, as all ads, will be reviewed as soon as the moderation team have finished their coffee, then be live on the forum.

Yeah, I noticed that it's a lively forum which was what made me decide to write to you guys. Thanks again!

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