Family Vsit Visa 2yrs

Hi All,

Can someone tell whats the process after 2 year Family visa is issued? Thing is in my circle or even company none applied for 2 year family visa. Its my first time also.

Is there any need of exit and then again re-enter kingdom after 90 days of arrival ?  or the stay can be for 730 days continuous. what I've been told, was that "Maybe that after 90 days person who came on 2 year Family visa needs to exit and re enter in kingdom"

as on visa it says: Number of Enteries: Multiple Duration Of Stay: 90 Days.  Validity 730 Days

Can any one elaborate on that.

Every 90 days you need to exit and re enter but the total validity of the visa is 730 days.

You need to check whether the total validity is from the date of stamping the visa or from the date you enter the KSA.

Hope this helps!

Hi Ali, Thanks for the reply. Can the exit and re enter be made at air port or family has to go to some other state? can it be done from Bahrain by road?

Bahrain can be done if you have a valid Bahrain visa. You need to the exit KSA, as simple as that by any route of transportation.

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