Employment in Cambodia

Hi everyone,

I am new to expat community and I would love to get more information with regards to moving and working in Cambodia.

My boyfriend and I are from South Africa and we are making the decision to start a new adventure and head to Cambodia.

I would like to find out from everyone's experience that has gone to work in the beautiful country. Is there a good possibility of employment with the skills and experience we have?

I have worked in the banking industry for a few years and I am a service quality assessor and coach, I am in the process of completing my TEFL course. Will there be an opportunity for me to get a job in Cambodia?

My boyfriend has been a farm manager for several years and has a lot of experience in mechanical work as well.

Looking forward to anyone's advice and response

Welcome  warming to  Cambodia. where  is  the  hospitality  is  warm cheerful.
   Whether  U  dont  know to start .then  Your  Husband  could  start  a job  with  me,  as  partner . due  i get  a  farm 2  ha . currently inexploitly . lack  of  skill  of  farming  and  agriculture  and  so  on.
     So  your  coming  is  will be   my  savior .we  could  seat  , with cup of  cafe or  beer , discuss? how to  Cooperate  with,
    Further  info  . kindly  send  email or  call  me  its  will be  appreciated.   
     Robert ,***

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as you already know, Cambodia is the poorest country in SE Asia. There is no work for you in the banking industry unless you get sent as an ex-pat by an employer from abroad. There is no lack of well trained bank staff, who probably do it for $250 a month and know Khmer culture inside & out and how to avoid loss of face, etc.

There are English teaching jobs but the pay may not be that great.

I am unsure about the marketability of your boyfriend's qualifications, as I suspect much of his knowledge may be available in country already (and for less). Most Khmer farms are rather small operations. However, I'm aware of a timber plantation (Grandis Timber Ltd. in Kompong Speu), so why not try your luck there. There are also pepper plantations in Kep province you could check out.

Most importantly, Cambodia is not the place to expect employment. It's where you make your own luck and start your own business, which is what most foreigners end up doing (even if it falls in the usual bar/guest house category). At least in Cambodia you can own your own business 100%, unlike neighboring Thailand.

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