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We've been in Belgium for around 2 years. Our 6 years old son is going to a French speaking school. He has some difficulties in speech and some other delays of development. We are now considering if special education schools would be better for him or not.

Has anybody had any experience with the special education schools (especially of type 8) in French speaking part of Belgium? We believe that he will feel better in a smaller group with specialized individual care but we can't be sure if he will be well educated there and if he will manage to be back at the regular education system.

Thanks in advance...

Öner Yavuz - the father.


So that we are on the same wavelength, I put these first explanatory notes first.

Different types of special education

Type 8 education is the last type of specialized education among the eight that have been organized in the French Community since the 1970 law.

One distinguishes

Type 1 adapted to children with mild mental retardation (55 <IQ <70)
Type 2 adapted to children with heavier mental retardation (40 <IQ <54 for moderate mental retardation and IQ <40 for severe retardation)
Type 3 suitable for children with behavioral problems
Type 4 suitable for children with motor disorders
Type 5 suitable for hospitalized children
Type 6 suitable for blind children
Type 7 adapted to deaf children
Type 8 suitable for children with instrumental disorders

Type 8 special education

According to the decree, "type 8 of special education corresponds to pupils for whom the pluridisciplinary examination concludes that while not exhibiting disorders of intelligence, hearing or vision, Which result in difficulties in the development of language or speech and / or in the learning of reading, writing or calculation and whose gravity is such that, in the first instance, a particular intervention in the Ordinary education can not be sufficient. "

Type 8 is therefore characterized by disorders called instrumental disorders. This is reflected by weaknesses in the organization of space and time (we think, for example, of laterality), weaknesses in speech, motor skills and memory and lifestyle. 'Warning.

In a type 8 education, children are found who may have:


This type of education is extremely beneficial for the child. The frames are generally of a good level. But the feeling is so important that it will be necessary to visit several schools before finding the one that will be in phase with your expectations. In the appendix, you will find a list of schools close to your region.

- La Source Enseignement fondamental spécialisé libre
Avenue de la Rochefoucauld 7 (Tél.: 02-6533951 Fax.: 02-6520739) 1330 RIXENSART
- Ecole primaire libre spécialisée La Petite Source
Avenue des Sapins 27 (Tél.: 010/86.24.17 Fax.: ) 1390    BIEZ
-Ecole primaire libre spécialisée La Petite Source
Chaussée de Wavre 94 (Tél.: 010/86.24.17 Fax.: ) 1390 BOSSUT-GOTTECHAIN
- Etablissement d'enseignement spécialisé fondamental de la Communauté française
Avenue de Guéménée 59 (Tél.: 02-3844298 Fax.: 02-3844298) 1420 BRAINE-L'ALLEUD
-Etablissement d'enseignement spécialisé fondamental de la Communauté française
Rue Defalque 30 (Tél.: 02-3844298 Fax.: 02-3844298) 1490 COURT-SAINT-ETIENNE

I have seen through two children of my friends the magnificent benefit of this style of education. So skip the step, this will be a nice gift for your child.

Thank you very much for your reply and all the information, it's a great summary.

Yes, we learned about all the types and received the list of schools. We even visited "La Petit Source" which our son's neuropediatrician and PMS recommended. Now, we're waiting to receive a diagnonis (bilan) from St Luc but we're pretty sure that he's of type 8.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, opinions and experiences. We also believe that he will benefit a lot from that school. We're trying to get rid of our worries and be sure that we're not directing him to a path where he will not be able to get out of again. Some people warned us that the children can't learn a lot at some of those schools but La Petit Source looks good. That's why we wanted to learn about the experiences of other people, if any.

Do not listen to people's slanderous words. Because only you know your child and its potential. Teachers are trained to allow it to develop harmoniously and to find the field in which your child will excel.

He may never be a new Einstein, but he will be happy. Is not that the most important?

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