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My name is Banu, I actually moved here over 3 years ago to Ankara from America (I am a certified authentic American).  Like most women in Ankara I married a Turk (Pondering whether to start a Foreign Wives club at this rate) and I am really loving and enjoying being here.  Also I am Muslim, and converted in America  6 years ago which makes Turkey even better to live in.

While Ankara is probably nobodys favorite choice of city if they could move anywhere in Turkey, circumstance brings us here and we make the best out of it.  Currently I am a student (studying Turkish (B1) and Arabic (A1)) next year I am hoping to get into Uni here to start my career over from scratch.

Funny in these past few years I never thought to actually seek out other expats, but I tend to just run into them all the time anyway!  I am here to give a lot of advice if anyone plans to move here, I can help much better if they plan to be in Ankara.


Hi Banu..

Welcome to the forum. You can use to the netwroking section in order to interact with other expats in your vicinity.

Any help is always welcome.

Good luck

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