The affordable Salary in Khartoum

Dear Sudanese brothers or Expats working there need your experience, I got an offer to work in Khartoum, the salary they offer will be in USD I know its depend on the way of spending and living but what is the range for the good salaries there ( I mean to live a good life and save some money ) i still in the negotiation phase and need your support.

@ least for expat you earned $2500 to live a comfortable life there.

Thanks for your support but looking forward to know about the meaning behind your answer  2500$ is enough to live the comfort life and also saving? Again I know its depends on the personality and the way of spending but u can highlight at least the figure

just to give you an Idea.for expat

SD 500 - 700 room/sharing

SD 2000 food/you will cook you own

SD 100 for mobile internet.

it depends on you life style.if you love to dine outside it could be a little cozy.

public transportation is cheap SD 1-2 is the minimum fare for the bus.

you can take a raksya ( tuktuk) for min of SD 10 or take a taxi for SD 30 - 50.

Learned @ least basic Arabic.

i hope this will help.

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