Looking for a room in beira

Hi all,i will be traveling from zim to beira this week so as to search for jobs but im not sure where i will be staying.i need a place to crash in maybe share with willing zimbabweans or a room to rent while i sort myself out.anyone willing to a forklift driver hoping to get forklift jobs in the port of beira please help thanx guys.

Your reply...Boss zvirisei. The name is Paddie. Fellow Zim looking to find a job in Moza too. And I share your concern yekutsvaga one room. I'm single and 31. would sharing be a possibilty to you?

kind regards

Hi Paddy yes im looking for anyone in beira willing to share a room with me while i look for jobs.if you have a place you have in beira and you are willing to share with me then traveling there this week or next thats why ndirikutsvaga room yekugara

Thanx Paddy

Hi SheltonC & Paddy Mandy,

I welcome you both to :)

I'd suggest you post a free ad in the Housing in Mozambique section, giving specific details about what you're looking for.

Best of luck.  :top:


Sarvesh team

Iribho Shelton, looking to move there too I also interested in a sharing but like you I'm still currently in harare planning on a move month end.

Im hoping like you that zvoita and will get a place through this platform too.

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