Relocating to Portugal from France

Hello My partner and I currently live and own an apartment in France with our two adjoining shops, one my hair salon and my partners gallery of art and craft which she makes herself. We would welcome advise on whether it would be acceptable to open up the same in Portugal as we wish to relocate and leave France. I trained and worked for many years with the top professionals in hair and have travelled and taught and owned my own salons and am still as passionate about my profession. I have developed my own hair range and perfume. The only two places I can really ask about are Lisbon and Tavira, possibly Faro as these are recently visited. We very much want to make the right choice of area to live and work in so any advice given will be much appreciated. We hope to come out to Portugal in the next few weeks to look around. We will be selling up here or renting out and hopefully renting in Portugal. Many thanks Michael

Hey there,
If I were you, I'd have a closer look at what Portugal may have in store for you before thinking of selling up what you already have in France (renting/better option). Don't be too hasty, so to speak (better safe than sorry!)....You, as a upstanding hair stylist have better chance of being successfull than your companion (much craftwork, etc. in Portugal).
All the best

Hi Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes we are going to hang on to our place here and rent for a couple of months in Tavira to start with as a base and have a look around. We have met some people near there so asking advice etc from them. Yes guessed the craft and art might be a problem as its desposable income that people may may not have for such things. We thought Lisbon might be better for these things. Everyone has hair and know ladies love their hair to look good so hoping scissors and me can get working in such a beautiful place. Thanks again for contact.

You're welcome. As for your significant other, she'd be wasting money and time-effort. Tourists are no longer purchasing the so-called souvenirs......People who make such articles have huge problems in selling them.... In Lisbon, Caldas da Rainha, etc. several shops have just simply closed (lack of buyers...). You, on the other hand, may (will) have success (women's vanity!!).
All the best

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