Burning season and solutions

So the smog drifts over Chiang Mai. This may not be gone until the end of April, or into May.

I was wondering about a separate issue when I made an interesting discovery. Like to share this.

You know, in Chiang Mai and in Thailand generally, if you eat at a restaurant, you will be given the tiniest paper napkin, of the thinnest paper available. Is this because paper is expensive to manufacture in Thailand? I did some research.

Most of the paper in Thailand is made from Eucalyptus trees, which are grown for the purpose, then cut down and ground up to make pulp for the paper. Of course, to make these plantations, they have to remove native trees and habitat.

Another source of pulp for paper is "bagasse", which is plant fiber that is left over after harvests and the like. Sources of bagasse are rice straw, maize stalks and sugar cane after extraction.

Coincidentally, this bagasse is one of the major things that is being burned to make our eyes water in the spring. So I wonder if this material was picked up and brought to paper plants, this could be a win-win situation, and begin to reduce the burning and smog in the spring. And bigger napkins in restaurants...

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