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Finding a job in Germany

Many foreigners come to this forum, or to Germany, with unrealistic expectations about how easy it is to find a job. To help those people, I will post my recent experience here:

Over a five months period, I sent out over 50 (individualised and targeted) job applications to suitable employers, most of them replying to advertised openings (which I found on various online job boards). I only applied for jobs that I was sure I can perform well in.
I had interviews with seven companies and eventually got one job offer, which I accepted and will start work there soon. The time between starting my search and starting work was six month, and between applying for this job and starting three months, which is both considered quick. I don't think it is possible much faster!
I am German (thus fluent in the language and can be employed without additional formalities), have a M.Sc. in technology and many years experience in an industry with high demand. I am thus considered easily employable.
The number of applications and time it took me to find a job are below average. If you are foreigner, and/or without university degree and applicable work experience, you probably need more effort and time (and if you are non-EU-citizen or don't speak German, MUCH MORE!).

Please take this to heart and do not expect to find a job within a few months or with minimal effort!

I think it also depends on which industry you work in, the seniority of the position, how well you can network, ability to think outside of the box and use some initiative to get what you are looking for.

There are more English speaking jobs than people think there are, but most people simply look in the wrong place. Or perhaps better said, they are looking in the right place but everyone else is looking there too, so there is much more competition for the few jobs available. It's a bit like trying to date the hottest girl at school.

I've just written an article on this on my blog. A bit of research and initiative goes a long way.

I agree with you up to a point though....some people expect the world handed to them on a lollipop stick and think they can just walk into a job which pays 75k€ a year by applying to a few positions they see on

So which way should we look liveworkgermany? Do you have any clue or lead? It might be termed unrealistic but believe me you, we honestly need these jobs

I'm a communication proffessional with Bsc in Communications and Public Relations

Kogot Peter: Whether you "honestly need these jobs" or not makes no difference to potential employers. You need to convince them by other means that it is in their own interest to hire you.
I recommend you identify the suitable potential employers in your field (e.g. through connections, your own research or scouring online job boards) and contact them accordingly.

It is important to say that looking for a job in Germany is different from other countries. I have experienced job hunting in some countries where it is enough for example, for you to contact companies / job offers online and the interview is the most valued part. Here in Germany - for my short 2 months experience - I am seeing that you must be much more formal and structured with the way you approach the companies, how your resume is formatted, how good your headshot is, how well you present yourself and show knowledge of your skills and the company on the cover letter, good written recommendations from previous employers and also diplomas/certificates from university / MBAs you attended. This so far was the minimum required from me where applying for a job. Even though knowing this, it takes effort and patience for sure, specially if you are in a city with lots of other foreigners as high qualified as you are. You must find in yourself what will stand out and present that in the best / most creative form as possible to your future employer.

Dreesbach: Thanks for your valuable comment!
Yes, in fact you should spend a few hours on each application, researching what sets the company apart from others, and describing why you (with your unique points) are a good fit for it.
A standard copy&paste application will immediately land in the dustbin, and even grammar or typing mistakes can lead to that. You can only make a first impression once!

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Hi all!!
I am looking for a job in Berlin. My previous experience was at
Please, let me know if you can help me by suggestions or direct invitation.
Thank's a lot in advance!!

DerekMeine: Your ex-employer is less important for a job search than what you did there and which skills you gained.
But please don't post these details here - do send them to potential employers!

Hi im a nurse from the Philippines and currently taking up A1 German Languange training.. Anyone could help me find any agency where I could apply.

Danke Schön

Rather than going through an agency, which will never offer you the best possible deal, you should apply at hospitals dorectly.
There is a shortage of nurses, so your chances are good. But you might need better German language skills (B2) and a recognised nursing certificate.

They are currently looking for Filipino Nurses in and around Germany. Should be easy for you to find a job especially that you're already learning A1 too. Will advise you if i find any source. Best of luck!

thank you very much!

Hi Beppi

Did you reside in Germany when you had interviews with the 7 companies? Did you have any skype interviews or do they prefer face-to-face (which is a difficult if one is not in Germany)


I was in Germany during the entire job search period.
Most hiring managers prefer face-to-face interviews, so even if they agree on a first phone screening, you will have to show up in person before a final decision is made.
This might of course reduce the number of invitations you get when applying from abroad.

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