Possibility that I could also practice the degree i've earned?

Hi everyone .. .
I am Grace from Cebu, Philippines. I graduated with Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Major in Finacial Management. I would just like to ask what are the most jobs that is likely needed in Norway? Do you think there is a big possibility that I could also practice the degree i've earned?

(well,  I would like to know some of your ideas while my fiance is still processing my application to enter norway.)

Hope somebody can hear me out.. .
Thank you,

Hi, Im not an expert but I think there is a big chance you could practice your degree especially if you have work related experience to it. You just need to go through the language school before anything else. :)

You can find jobs in accounting departments easily But you need to master the language   Norwegian.   Communication is the key in such departments.

Our company hires quite a lot of foreigners in the accounting department,  permanent as well as temporary staff but 99% of them all speak Norwegian.

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