Accomodation and living in HK


I am new here and am in the midst of planning my move to HK in about 2 months time.
Appreciate if I could get some help with some questions.
1. Hillsborough Court -anyone familiar in this area. Is public transport an issue to get to central or is walking to central a viable option for work? Am thinking if the weather is conducive to walk and generally quite safe?

2.  I noticed some accomodations which are rooftop accomodations - are there any concerns when renting rooftops.

3. For about 13-5K HKD, if i wanted somewhere at least 400-500 sq ft. Clean and comfortable, where would be a good option to look for with great access to MTR or walking distance to Central. I am working in Central. Besides monthly rental and utilities - i noticed some govt/maintainence tax. Anything else that are generally included into the rental and what are usually not included?

4. I am quite curious seeing that public transportation is supposed to be fantastic in HK - what's generally a common distance for HK people to walk. I'm from Malaysia btw and walking anything beyond 1KM in this weather can be quite a killer.

thanks and appreciate the help

Looking forward to Hong Kong!

1. It is very high on the slopes. You will not be able to walk, especially in Summer due to heat and humidity (Cf answer #4)
2. Yes: many are illegal
3. For a "400-500sq ft, clean and comfortable, great access to MTR or walking distance to central", you should count minimum $25k per month (ie your current budget x2)
4. In HK, from May to September, anything beyond a few hundred meters is a challenge, especially on the slopes

OH man - looks like i need to forgot about the rooftop.
thanks for the recommendation - 25k is a little too steep for me at the moment
trying to hit below 18... :(

For that budget, you can target 300-400 sq ft in a simple building, 30mn away from Central by MTR, ie in Fortress Hill / North Point or on Kowloon side near Yau Ma Tei or Prince Edward (which are both still pretty nice places, btw)

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