Real Intention to move to RO.

Hi Everyone,

I am Brazilian son of a Romanian father and I want to move to RO asap, love the country and the people, my roots are there, since tender age this will is present in my live.

To make this dream come true I need to get a job, my background is 20 year of experience in the fields of International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain.

Professional with solid experience in Logistics, Stock Management, Procurement, Storage, International Trade ( Import & Export)
Team and People Management, Documental Expediting, Logistics, Productive Flow, Supply-Chain, Transportation in many of its modals, International Procurement, Stock Control (SAP/R3/MICROSIGA(TOTVS) and Storage Systems.
Coordination for Cost Reduction of Stock Items, Transportation and Freight Procurement gain of 13, 5%/year.
Excellent transit / contact with all major Governmental Agencies and Logistics Operator.

If someone can help I will be eternally grateful.

Hope to receive your impression regarding this.

Thank you and sorry to disturb!!!


Hi Levi,

Your chances will be greatly improved if you speak Romanian. Did your father teacher you? Also for employment purposes, if you have Romanian citizenship (you could apply to get it due to your father) then more employers will be inclined to consider you as they won't have to go through the hassle of obtaining work permits and proving there are no suitable Ro/EU candidates.

If your father is Romania then get Romanian citizenship first. Then find a company with business interests in Brazil and contact them directly. ...Play your comparative advantage.

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