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I am a Canadian, currently living in Spain. I would like to spend next year in Morocco on a student Visa studying French in the Marrekesh area. Does anyone know if a school that I can attend?

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Please refer to the following link for more information about french language courses and available schools in the region of Marrakech :

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You can also drop an advert in the Schools & studies In Marrakech section hence increasing  the visibility of your request.

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Thank you!

I appreciate the suggestion.

Hi Jackie,
I'm dealing with a similar situation at the moment only I'm planning to study in Casablanca. It's not easy figuring out the process to get the a student visa in Morocco for Canadians. I contacted the Canadian Embassy in Rabat and this was their response
"Legal stay in Morocco is 3 months. If you plan to study, you have to check with the Moroccan authorities for the documents required to have a permit to stay in Morocco.
Once you arrive, you can go to the nearest police station  “bureau des Etrangers” and ask for the list of the document for a  person who want to study in Morocco.
We recommend you also to check  with the Moroccan Embassy in Canada."

I tried contacting the Moroccan embassy in Canada but still didn't receive any feedback. I contacted the Institut Francais, where I'm considering to study French but they said they have no information about student visas. I also read online that you can only get a student visa if you're studying full-time at a university, still have to confirm this though. At the moment I want to do my best finding information online, if all else fails, I'll just go to Morocco and figure it out there.

Best of luck :)

I am from marrakesh, I already done this exact process two years ago so I am rich in information about studies at Marrakesh, consider texting me back.

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