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Hi, never posted before.
We fell in love with Montenegro in 2006 and ended up buying a house with land directly attached (purchased separately) the house built of stone is not habitable and we have done little to it since then. We last visited in 2015 and had a geometar mark out area around house/land, and now we really want to start planning and doing something with it, if we had done this in 2006 it would have been completed by now! We don't know the classification of area and what if any changes we can make to house and if we can build any structure on the land.  I think this is the first step but unsure where to start? Any advice would be much appreciated. Sarah & Barry

Hi there,
Can you send a google map link of the exact location of the house and land?

Hi Carine,
Thank you for reply. I have copied link I hope you can locate from this? if you look along the 'Donjogrbaljski Put' road, where the road turns/bends into Bigova you can see roof from map. (if on google street view the house is opposite to rubbish bins) … 18.7051551

Thank you

Hi Carine,

Were you able to see location from map?


Yes thank you.
You need to make a request to the Municipaliy for the "Urban Technical Conditions" called UTU to find out what you can do with it !

Thank you Carine

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