Wanting to meet musical folks

hello there, I just signed up at, I am hoping to make some friends in Belize! Here's my story in a nutshell: I am a California native, professional musician and music teacher. I love jazz, bluegrass, and world music (links to hear music music are below).

I am currently teaching online at my business JamAlong, and my dream is to move to Belize one day and start a music camp :-)

So, perhaps you would be interested in chatting, or if not, maybe you know some musically minded folks I could get to know? Please check out my links below, and I look forward to hearing from you

Cheers, Brae

You'll want to connect with Emmeth Young in PG when you come down. He has an organization called Drums Not Guns and teaches youth how to build and play drums so they can have an outlet and a way to make money that doesn't involve guns or drums. He's also one of the only kriol drummers in the country and has done incredible work to preserve a host of kriol traditions and culture. Drums Not Guns is on fb.

Hello and thanks! yes, I love and respect the drumming traditions, and wish to learn more of this music. May I ask, what is "monkey town brew", a beer or a band? lol. it sounds good either way :-)

I sent a message on the Drums Not Guns FB page, so thanks for that connection.

Wishing you all well

You're welcome! It would be an excellent band name! But it's for beer. We are home brewers and sell supplies and hope to start a microbrew one day.

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