Dress code receptionist


I'm coming to Malta in a week and I'm going to search a job as a receptionist. I would like to know how to dress for a job interview (small hotel, for example)? Do I have to be very business or half business. And if I get a job (I will ask my employer) do the hotel provides you a costum, or you must buy it by yourself?
And what about shoes, I don't wear high-heel shoes, I have only ballerina shoes - black.

Thank you in advance.

For hotel receptionists, your appearance is very important, so dress very business for interviews so they know you care about your appearance and you put effort into looking professional.

As for uniforms, it depends on the hotel, but as hotel receptionists spend a lot of their time on their feet, shoes should be a deal-breaker for you. If a hotel insists you wear shoes that are bad for your feet, legs, and back, you should not accept a job at that hotel.

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