How to make friends in the Bahamas

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in the Bahamas :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in the Bahamas??

Thanks in advance for your participation

I think the important thing is to treat everyone with a lot of respect.  Many people just look at the Bahamians as though their sole purpose is to cater to you.  that is no always the case and not everyone is in the tourist industry.

Let's start with a universal language- RESPECT

And smiles are always great too

Making friends in The Bahamas is easier than anywhere else in the world (and I can say that as I've lived abroad, travelled fairly extensively, and am Bahamian); literally, all you have to do is be there and you will make friends.  Bahamians are naturally curious and will speak to you before you get a chance to speak to them.  We want to know all about you and are an extremely friendly race of people.
So, after you're all settled in, visit you nearest watering hole, have a drink, and smile.  The bartender will talk to you, the guy sitting next to you will talk to you, people at the table in the farthest corner will come and talk to you.  Unlike anywhere else I've encountered, there is no need for an expat forum or prior knowledge of others to make friends.  The Bahamians and other expats will have heard about you before you even meet them (small country, fast network) and will welcome you with open arms.
They will give you lots of necessary advice on how to get a better job or raise, find a girl/boyfriend/husband/wife, how to navigate the country, where to go for the best food/housewares/furniture/auto/cellular service, how the bill systems work, or any other questions that will pop up.
The trick you should be asking about is how to keep friends in The Bahamas.  As Princesstwo said, RESPECT!  Don't gossip, don't bully, and don't try to undermine anyone - everyone will know and you will be ostracized.  Treat others as you would like to be treated; don't and suffer the consequences.

Thanks for sharing DeJewel ;)


Well making friends depends on person to person. If you are more talkative with people you can easily make friendship to anyone. Shy people found less friends in their life.

Hi I am a New employer to Bahamas.Please tell me how is the cost of living in Nassau ??

Hi Arnaud,
Just wondering if you are still in the Bahamas?

hi soraya
     i'm arjun from nepal already i live in Mauritius it's beautiful country. next month i'll come bahamas so that i want make friend with u .plz reply me

If you will come to the Bahamas for vacation  good. If you  come to the Bahamas for try to stay well let me give to u my opinion about  that: I have been in the Bahamas for 1 years and believe me its not a country to live, in particular Grand Bahama is the worst island of all Bahamas and its hard for me to consider Grand Bahama as part of Bahamas too. Believe me . Then you are welcome my friend

hello, am new here and want to know if bahamas is cool to live in becus i wil be in bahamas soon and i also want to make good friend that wil be like a sister or brother to me that can take me around.pls reply me if am welcome.

Hi, I live in Nassau, Bahamas. I would like to be your friend.
"Welcome" I'm a Spanish girl living in Bahamas a long time. :-)

hello yisi.dragon,,I wil be glad to have you as my can add me on facebook if your on username better victor george **...thanks as I awaits you.

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Hello planning to come to bahamas cos have heard alot a lovely things about the place I will be glad to meet someone so we can chat before I come over there plz I will be glad if anyone there can give me his or her contact so to talk better before moving there..thanks

Hello yisi can we be friend I will be glad **

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   am forhad a asian and i know u also a asian friend..friend am try to come bahamas ...plz friend give me some information about bahamas  ...**

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hello people whats up ?am here to just make friends
dnt have much friends would like people to chat with. what information do you need?
were  in the Bahamas are you coming ?

Hello everyone:-)
I am Slovenian living in London UK
I am flying to Nassau on 05/11/2015 and want to explore the islands and s do some nice scuba diving, it will be lovely to meet some new friends:-)
Wish you all a lovely day

Hello Greetings to you!

Hello hi how are u doin hope all is well am Nicole I just joined this site I am lookin. For a honest true friend

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