Bank Accounts in Dubai

Hi All,

i have one Q. Is it required to close bank account if not using?
or else what if some one leave the country without closing the bank acc.


Hi, It depends on your bank totally. Few banks in Dubai allow customers to maintain non-resident account like Emirates NBD. You have to maintain some minimum balance and pay some annual fees. but you need to inform your bank before going to leave UAE and maintain a non-resident account.

Thank you Hayat for the valuable information. :idontagree:  Ever since we came to Dubai, we have been banking with the same Emirates NBD in [link moderated] because it is close to where we live in Deira. Since we have decided to stay in Dubai for a long time, we are planning to take a home loan. Is it possible for us to take home loan from the any bank, coz we are expats?

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And to answer your question; yes if you are resident in UAE,  you can get a home loan as an expat.  The amount will vary depending on your income and other requirements.

okay. we are non-residents as of now. just been here 6 months

Non residents cannot get loans unless they are residents of other GCC countries and very few banks have that offering.

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