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Hi everyone

My names Sarah my husband and I are wanting to relocate our family to Sri Lanka around the Galle area.
We are currently job and house hunting and are feeling very excited about our move.
We have 3 children 4, 9, & 11
We will be coming over for the whole of August to explore and meet people. Anyone who has any advice please contact me :)

Hi Sarah,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you some feedback, the following thread is worth having a look at :

All the best,

Hi Sarah,

Galle is a great place to live. I have an australian friend who currently living here in Galle. Let me know you need any help thanks,

Thank you it's much appreciated we're coming over in July we've found somewhere to stay in hikkaduwa for a month so we can check where the best place for us to live.

We're going to view houses and schools whilst there.

We're looking forward to it a great deal

Many thanks again


Ok good luck Sarah, I would suggest u to live here in Galle. Since u have reputed schools are situated in galle town an suburb. Hikkaduwa is a great place as a tourist destination. In the long run rental cost would be so high unlike galle. In galle u can find affordable houses for rent. Nywys good luck sara.

Thank you that's very helpful, we would like to live in galle the only reason we've picked hikkaduwa is that we were offered a house for he time of our stay so we thought we would use it as a base
But we will defiantly be heading toward Galle is it far from hikkaduwa ?

Kindest wishes

Galle just 20 to 25 minutes from train. you can pick the a train or else take a bus. Let me know if u are looking for a house. My australian friend would be able to give u a helping hand on this. An let me know how mcuh ur budget is. u may contact me via hirashamzaatyahoodotcom.

Wow that would be great thank you we want something long term the max we want to pay is 60,000 slr
My husband and I are currently looking for employment so hopefully when July comes we will have interviews.

Kindest wishes

Hey Sara,

My wife and I are moving to Galle over the summer too. We have found work and are looking for a house. I think there are definitely good family homes available in your price range. We've been on the property websites (lankapropertyweb/ikman/lamudi) and are in contact with a few landlords. We will move mid-July so will be around when you come if you want to meet up...

Best of luck,

Simon & Jen

Hi Simon

Thank you for contacting me, we are coming over July 15th for a month for interviews and house hunting the property seems very reasonable in the Galle area We have done the same, looked at the property sites and contacted landlords We need to also look at the schools.

We would love to meet up with you and Jen, where are you moving from ?

Kindest wishes
Sarah & Ken

Good morning,

Jen is from Ireland and I am from UK. We have spent the last few years in the Middle East (Kuwait), but fell in love with Sri Lanka on a holiday (we have been a total of 4 times in 2 years). As teachers we have found work in a small international school in Galle that is accredited by Cambridge, delivering iGCSEs. It may be worth your while contacting them - Galle International College.

We can swap contact details in July to meet up.


Simon & Jen

Fantastic , thanks Simon

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