Hello Sir,

I need some information.

My Family  (Wife and son) are here in muscat on visit visa and i hv done their medical here itself. Now i want to apply for their resident visa. Hence can u plz guide me i can apply Family visa next day once they exist contry ?? Or there is any waiting period between Visit visa exit date and Family visa apply date ??


Hi Mohitchauhan26,

This is best answered by your company PRO only.

Sometimes the waiting period waiver is granted. Sometimes it is not.

Ask your company PRO to speak to the visa issuing authorities and sort it out.


You can even apply on the same day. You need to attached photocopy of the visa page with EXIT stamp with your application.

Thank you.

Dear sir/Madam,

Currently am working in Oman Muscat and my visa valid till November 2017,  but now i have job offer in hand from UAE, if ask my current employer they will not give me exit because they say you have work for 2 years.

If i go on emergency leave in this month with exiting my current employment visa in Oman, do i face any problems to join my new UAE job..?????????????????!!!!!!!!!

Am planning to go in emergency leave and from India i am planning send my resignation.... Please suggest and please also make me aware that what are the problems am gonna face in this situation.....

Thank You...

You can have UAE employment visa and Oman Employment visa on your passport. But once you exit Oman without canceling your visa then you could only re-enter Oman on your UAE visa after the expiration of your Oman visa.

Dear Abdurrazaq,

Thanks for the quick response,

But are you sure that if i go in emergency leave i can get the employment visa from UAE ??

Am planning to go without exit in my current Oman employment visa so.

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