I am interstedin emigrating to madagascar

I am looking for information about emigrating to Madagascar. I am of Zimbabwe origin with currently South African citizenship and living in the UK.  Life here is dismal and I really want to go back to Africa and my ideal location would be Madagascar but I don't know how to go about getting citizenship or right of abode or even just being able to ;live there

I suggest you check out
scroll down to Lilbuster who lays out the process. If that interests you then you can go further and review the website.

To be honest, I cannot really recommend to move there now - for safety reasons. I emigrated to Madagascar in 2004 and founded my company, but in 2009 was the coup with 8 months of zero orders and income, followed by 5 years of transition into - now - a "presidential anarchy".

Madagascar has become the poorest African country which is not at war, poverty really jumps into your eyes, and unfortunately there are no jobs but charcoal production (as long as there are any trees left) and ... robberies. In my opinion it is degrading into a failed state which is why I left in 2015 for Latin America.

It has become really difficult today to find a safe and decent country where to live - and where immigration is not made too complicated for us! As you are an English native speaker (I guess?), what about Tanzania or Kenya? or Ghana? Mozambique seems to be on a very good lane, but very expensive according to some friends who moved there.

Some African countries are extremely expensive - such as Angola and other petrol-based states.

I also miss Africa, but in 2014 when I decided to leave Madagascar, there was IS in the North, Ebola in the West, terrorism in the East and too much violence in SA... So I decided to leave for Nicaragua - but I still miss Madagascar, even the smell is different...

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