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Hi All,

I'm new to jakarta and only been here for 1 week I was wondering if anyone can let me know some fun things to do here other then shopping (not a fan of shopping). If you know of any cool little laid back bars where it's easy to meet people would be an awesome start. I'm starting to learn bahasa but I'm only a week so anywhere that's easy to find.

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions


You can hang out in the bars in Kemang namely the Irish bar or Eastern promise or de hois in pondock indah or float up to Jacksa for a rough night.

However a little roof top bar in Senen called six degrees is worth it. Run by some locals and expats. It's a good place to visit.

But it depends where in the city you are.

Things to do or see

Zoo, Taman mini, old town, menteng, Monas. Ancol

Hidden gems are to find but try Batavia marina at Sunda Kelapa, the restaurants in the top of mall semanngi and if it still exists the speed boat cafe in Pluit.

Hi thanks for the reply sounds great will definitely check them out. I'm in south jakarta but not after to venture out thanks so much again for your help

I'd like to welcome you to the forum and Jakarta but I can't help you with the bars stuff because I don't drink.
I know South Jakarta is full of bars but you should be aware the pop is going to cost you a mint.
Jalan Jaksa I have seen once and won't be going back.

Old town (kota Tua) is worth a visit and you'll get a real confidence boost as all the local schoolkids interview you for their English projects.
You'll end up thinking they've mistaken you for the latest teen star.

Taman mini (TMII) is a mini Indonesia with house designs from all over the area but take sandwiches.

Monas is interesting but get there very early because the queues are crazy.

After that, try to take a few days out of town, maybe Jogjakarta or fly down to Lombok.

Hi sarah,

I just moved to Jakarta as well. Ive been here since 16th of March.
Soon I'll be starting with Bahasa lessons. Have you already been taken some lessons?

I saw you live around Kemang area? Me 2 :)

Download the app Zomato. There you can find nice places to eat/drink/chill.
Last weekend I went to a place called "FJ on 7". Its an rooftop bar. Very nice!

Warm regards,

hello sarah :) my name is novi, im living in jakarta too
i would love to show you around :))

Hi Sara I'm Evi I live in jakarta
Nice to know you

Ai Evi Yulianti :

Hi Sara I'm Evi I live in jakarta
Nice to know you

Hi, and welcome to the forum

actually six degrees bar in Cikini, Menteng

hi.. i'm from jakarta

if you dont like shopping and need something new you can go to amped trampoline :)

Film buffs should know Cinema 21 have a lot of top quality venues in and around Jakarta.
I especially like their premier screens.

hello i am from Jakarta came hang out with us

U can try visit west java like puncak area.. Or maybe hiking in mount gede..its awesome view up there..

Thinking to shift to purwakarta.can anyone help me about how it is to live in there.i have a toddler. So want to know  about schooling,Indians there,shopping,housing...which is better to live jakarta  or purwakarta?

Hi Sar,
Welcome. My name is Seth and Ive been here for almost 2 years. As a new 'bule' (White person) you will discover a combination of cool things to do and a plethora of frustration along the way (eg traffic, money, customs etc.). Where are you from? Be careful around Blok M if you choose to go.
Nice to 'meet' you!
Seth Wallace, PhD

Raspa :

Thinking to shift to purwakarta.can anyone help me about how it is to live in there.i have a toddler. So want to know  about schooling,Indians there,shopping,housing...which is better to live jakarta  or purwakarta?

I've never been to Purwakarta save one night in a hotel when I was too tired to complete the trip back to Tangerang.
However, it's smaller so that probably means less of everything but the good news is rents are much cheaper (Just looked at a bunch of places).

Seth Wallace PhD :

Be careful around Blok M

Yep, that's right, especially at night.

Fred PhD (Pizza hut delivery)

What's going on in Blok M that I have missed? If Blok M is just as safe or unsafe as the rest of the city day or night.

lukereg :

What's going on in Blok M that I have missed? If Blok M is just as safe or unsafe as the rest of the city day or night.

It's a place I dislike, mostly because the less than nice business that goes on there at night.
Wherever you get prostitution, just get everything that goes with it.

Been there, seen it, been offered the services, refused, buggered off, won't return.

Start from 2 minutes in and watch for 20 seconds. If you watch the rest, you'll see a lot more of them, and that means pimps and that means crime, very likely drugs, and that rubbish opens a whole world of bad.
I wonder how many of the girls have been forced into 'working' and how many kids are held in the buildings for the pervert section of the Johns - That vile trade will be there as well, and no one should assume it isn't.

Hi, sexy.

lukereg :

What's going on in Blok M that I have missed


I am not sure which parts of the city doesn't have darker night time activities and some still in the day light.
And there are the off limit to expats  bars and areas where I am sure it is even more desperate.

I like to explore what isn't seen so I wandered there just before dawn one day - not a pretty place unless you enjoy a total dump decorated with vomit and a chat with the last of the pros who was still around because she's one of the clapped out older ones who can't attract the customers any more so hangs around until the last minute.

I refused her offer but was tempted by the other one who offered me a suck for Rp1,000 - NO!!!!!!!!
I'm not taking the mick here - that stuff is around and it's not pleasant.

Yep, other parts of the city have problems as well but the bar areas are the worst.
I'll pop back one day with a camera in hand but it's not exactly scenic.

Just take care...

Hello everyone ;)
I'm an Indian medical professional (23 year old) ..
Will be visiting BEKASI,INDONESIA in March 2018 for a leisure trip/vacation for approximately 7 days... particularly for SCUBA DIVING CERTIFICATION/TRAINING...
Would love to seek suggestions/valuable advices  :)
Thanks in advance
Abdulghani Khan

Search for PADI operators Bekasi on Google will help but there might not be many as Bekasi isn't a coastal city or much else. It has lots of concrete though.

Still I am sure there is fun to be had so I hope you enjoy your time there.

Hi Abdulgani,

Bekasi is not a coastal city, if you like the nice beach to Pulau Seribu (thousand island) near north Jakarta. There are many beautiful islands such as: Pulau Tidung, Pulau Matahari, Pulau Pramuka and others.

The best one is Tidung island is just 1.5 hours away from Ancol Marina beach Jakarta by using speedboat OR +/- 2 -3 hours from pedestrian wharf from Muara Angke by ferry boat.

You can choose the island you want to visit in Pulau Seribu (thousand island). Just google that place. … rev=search

Good luck


Thanks for your humble reply sir!
Will look into it

Hi Sarah,

I am pushpa from India. I am a frequent traveler to Indonesia for business meetings.

This weekend I am planning a 3-4 days trip to Bali (24th to 26th march). I am looking for any female company, so will you be interested to join. Do let me know, will have fun!!


Hi everyone, great to see people here giving lots recommendations of new places to explore. As for my side, If you want to check there’s also a useful page that contains tons of information about Jtown & surrounding. Happy to e-meet you all!
Cheers, Jj

I am from India, i visit jakarta often for my business work
looking to hang around in the evening after work
if anyone interested for drinks , let me know.

Hi Sara - where are you staying in Jakarta? It’s a big place! Karen

Sarah, may not be active on here any more as she posted her points in March 2017.

Hi and welcome to Jakarta....

Lot places in and out side Jakarta...
Such a marina, mall, bars, coffee shop, dinning place, sports, mountain activities, island with white sands, also learning of some making batik (traditional patterns for shirt), kite, wayang, gamelan (traditional music), etc...

Puncak nearest Jakarta also have lot activities during vacation such as butterfly park at cilember, paragliding at tugu puncak, rent a bike cycle to around tea plantations at tugu, waterfall, zoo (Taman safari), small lake also hike nearest mountain Gn. Gede...

Going far west from Jakarta also have and activities like fishing, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, etc..

Fishing lot of trips start from muara angke, dadap, or labuan near anyer.

Sailing I know the place near labuan with white sands beach also non entertainment amenities at the hotel usually the place can bring you to trip Ujung Kulon... The place run by british man who already live in Indonesia more than 10years....

I cannot write all activities in or outside Jakarta but if you need to get some information maybe I can help you to know Jakarta.. 


Wow nice sister :)

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