Overstay in Brasil, new visa?

I overstayed in Brasil last year, for 102 days, and have to pay the maximum fine, but I was also told that I have to get a new visa from the officer.  I've researched for days and found nothing about anyone else having to get a new visa.  I have the paper saying I need to pay the fine (nothing about a new visa, besides him writing N.V. on this paper and that I have to wait 180 days before returning) and I need to get back to Brasil soon.

My question is, do I really need a new visa?  I've heard so much about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing - and just need some information.  Would it be in the computers that I need a new visa, and my current (VITUR, valid for 10 years, multiple entries, 90 days/180 maximum) is invalid?  Or can I show up, get my GRU and pay the fine at the Banco do Brasil in the airport?  I was also reading that I can print it off online here, pay at a Banco in the airport and present it when I try to enter..


I have never heard that an overstay invalidating a visa. I would think that paying the overstay fine would be all that is required. You might want to check with the Brazilian consulate where the visa was issued for information about validity. most of the officers at the PF in the airports are contract employees and you do get different answers depending on who you talk to.


Thank you for responding.  I never heard of this either, I am just wondering if it is in their system that he said I need a new one. Is there an alternative way to check visa validity that you know of?

My opinion is that you will have no problems.  The PF will know if your visa is good when you enter. I don't know what else to advise except to contact the consulate where you got it.


I overstayed and had to pay the maximum fine R$780 approx, I was offered to pay leaving or on return, I paid on the way out as the information I was given is that it's much better, I paid the fine, all they did was to take my letter and the money, all dealt within 30 mins.
Nothing was marked in my passport and I was told I could return the following day if I wanted. Hope this helps.


I have had this issue back in 2015.
As European i do not need a visa for a 90 days or less stay, but i am aware that US citizens have to apply for a visa BEFORE arriving in Brasil - and that might be an issue in your case.

But, at least if they would refuse to give you another visa you would not have to waste your time and money anymore with BR and only maybe lose the visa application fee.

For all else and from my own experience, they write your days in excess down, give you an official paper for that and when you return you'll be taken aside and made to pay up - unless you already paid on exit of course, which is the better option because you might have to wait around before they have someone fee to process you upon arrival.

But generally speaking, when i inquired about the excess stay they told me it is not a crime like for instance in the US, it's just about the fine and that's that.

I currently live in Porto Seguro, Bahia Brasil. Am engaged to a Brazilian. Like you have overstayed and always had same question. We went directly to the Federal Police station at the International airport here and got the answer Directly from them (and That is these Police primary job, immigration, extending a 90 day visitor visa and similar issues). And this city has alot of expat and foreigners due to it being one of the biggest cities for factions and tourism. 90% of the cities revenue is tourism related. So I do think that these Federal Police know what they are speaking about.
When they extended my visa, we asked about this exact question so that we would know exactly how to plan and prepare to leave with out questions or suprises
I was told I will have to pay the fine when I leave, and that I can re-enter November 10th which is the one year anniversary of my original entry into Brasil.
They were fully aware that I intended to overstay and could not have cared less. It happens quite often i have learned, from the Federal Police. And it is the Federal Police that control entry into Brasil. And there was absolutely no issue of misunderstanding due to language as i said, my fiance is a Brazillian.
They would actually rip out your visa from passport If They were to revoke it.

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