Moving to Shaoxing

Hello, I am from Brazil and I am moving to Shaoxing in the next 2 months. Is there anyone who have been there before? How is it for living, shopping, buying groceries, gym? Is there many expats there?

Thank you very much! ;)

Beterraba, are you in shaoxing? Im living here with my wife. Almost for a year now.
THe living is good, you have a lot of gym, not so many expats depending where you are going to leave (for example in keqiao you have a lot of indian and arabs mostly because of the textile bussiness).
The living is around 3 times cheaper than shanghai for example.

What are you going to do here?

Hi, I will work as a designer in a home textiles company. The company is in Keqiao, but I don't know the best place to live yet. What do you suggest? Closer to Keqiao or closer to Shaoxing centre? Do you guys have facebook or something? If so, please add me, you can find me as Naschara Saraiva.

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