Apply for z visa outside of home country

Hi guys,

I'm an Australian. I plan to be in Vietnam next year, and I'd then like to go to China. My question is, can I apply for the Chinese visa at the embassy in Vietnam? Or do I need to apply from within my home country?

Hi Bexpaget,

Did you end up getting the visa?

I am currently looking to go to China as a tourist for a few days now in July and would love to know how it works.

How many days did the visa processing take? And what were the required papers, documents?

Thanks so much!

Hello future expats! Regarding visa information, the very easy option are student´s visa - you can have an internship in Asia and study chinese few hours a week and already be eligible to apply. If appplying for business visa or toursit visa - this might be more complicated. Student visa are very convenient option especially for young people who are willing to learn Chinese. You can have a look here:


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