Anyone in or near to Valencia interested in getting together for a paddle, I have a spare boat if you have  the skills.

Hi Ed,

I have just joined this site and am looking through messages to get a feel for the place. I saw your kayaking message from 3 months ago - so this next bit may be a total waste of time. It's not for me but for my partner Diego who is not on this site. He would love to start kayaking again but has been too lazy to join up a site like this. We are both new to Valencia, so please let me know if this is still something you would like to do.


Hi Mike,,
Does Diego have paddling skills either through training or experience? If yes then we have a very interesting river to paddle with launch site near to alzira. If no I don't have training in coaching paddling skills.

I think it's best if I dip out at this point (no pun intended). I have copied and pasted your reply and sent it to Diego who is outside gardening at the moment. His email is ***
If you could connect up with him, it stops me being a middle man. Thank you for a quick reply though!


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