Moving to Guangzhou (Haizhu area)

Hi everyone

I have been offered a job Teaching ESL in Guangzhou. My school will be in the Haizhu area, so I will most likely be living there too.

Can anybody give any information or share experiences about life in Guangzhou and particularly the Haizhu area? I am hearing a lot of mixed opinions at the moment.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

I am living at another district in Guangzhou. Haizhu area is near the centre of Guangzhou. The quality of living is satisfied. Food and products are fairly cheap. The lifestyle is relaxing. You can take a bus or subway to get to Guangzhou Tower, or other attractions easily.

Try the foot/shoulder massage for about 5 to 7 USD. You may like it.

Contact me on wechat if you need any help. My wechat id: ivanw20

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