Malaysia work permit fee

Ya k thanks for the reply

You need to get employed first. Company will apply for your work permit

Please let me know because I want to work there and find a job

You have to find a job first only the company will apply a work permit for you

I was hired by a company in Malaysia (advertising agency) and we just finished the Stage 1 processing.

The agent took 2 weeks to get back at us and quoted almost RM10,000 to process my work permit and my company said that we should pay 50-50 for this.

I am not sure what I should do. I don't think I am willing to pay that much since first off, I didn't know that I was going to be charged for applying for my work permit. This is a shock to me and apparently my employer too that it would cost this much.

ohnatalla - no decent employer would engage an agent and expect you to pay. It sounds very dodgy that they tell you Stage I is competed (what proof have you seen?) and then spring the cost on you. Sometimes this tactic indicates it's a job scam.

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you so much for your input. The company that hired me is a very reputable firm. I asked them why is it so expensive and I asked how much they have paid for their other foreign workers. They said that they have foreign workers from UK, US, Australia, Indonesia, and they only had to pay around RM5000 per Employment Pass that's why they were also so shocked about the rate that the "agent" was charging them.

I was just forwarded the quotation from the agent and I was shocked RM 5,800 is going to POEA fees for "accreditation" and such for the company. I've never heard from expat friends who had to go through this. Normally they were just asked to pay for exit clearance (OEC) out of pocket that's only $100. As of this moment, I don't know if the "agent" is sketchy or the "agent" honestly doesn't know that we don't have to go through that.

If there are any Filipinos here who was also hired directly, please let me know if employers do have to pay for this. Any advice/help would be really appreciated.

Hellow gravitas I am Udtishna priya I am physiotherapy graduate (ug).I am not getting opportunities to work.There is any chance to get work permit visa then I can search job.

No you need to get a confirmed employment only then the company will appy for a work permit

I got friend before apply for work permit and success.can pm me.thz

Sounds like a fake EP - not a good idea and usually costs a lot of money.

It also means the holder is trapped in the country and cannot leave as they are illegal.

a hospital is ready to offer me a job .they r asking me to apply work permit on my own, I just want to know is that possible?? If yes then I also want any agents who can process it for me.
Kindly help

yes possible

No it is not possible. They need to apply for the work permit as corporate information is required. Beware of job scams in this sector. I really don't think you will get an employment pass as a newly qualified physiotherapist as immigration will say there are plenty of Malaysian applicants who can do the job. My honest opinion is the recruiter does not want to say NO so is suggesting you to do an impossible task - it is quite common reaction here. So you pay lots of money to an agent who then can't get you the EP - or worse still, it's a fake and the hospital still wont employ you....

There are some organisations who will give you work permit on behalf of their companies which are called A to B visas.

Outsourcers? Kelly does that as well as a few others. But a hospital (apart from domestic cleaning staff) would process their own EPs. Check also whether you are eligible to work in Malaysia via the Physiotherapy professional body here. An EP in Malaysia requires a minimum of 2 years professional experience.

Thanks for the info guys , I will keep my updates , hope for the best.

Bro, what's your phone number? Need you to teach how. My company wants to hire me but the agent fee is really high. How to apply himself?

This describes what the company should do - they anyway have to provide corporate information to be eligible to hire staff - so sounds like they can't legally do so and want you to find out the expensive way or get a fake EP: … r-2017.pdf

The compay just have to register to hire you.  There are so many scams at the moment with companies pretending to hire people but they end up working illegally and overstaying. That will almost certainly lead to deportation and blacklisting for 5 years.

A reputable company will hire through MDEC or ESD

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