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Wondering how those of you who drove into Mexico (or not) how you went about finding a place to stay.  Did you rent something out for a month that you secured before you got there?  and that you found site unseen before actually getting to Mexico?

Did you stay in a hotel for a week or so while securing a better long term situation for housing?

Did any of you find a situation where you were a house sitter for an extended time?  Would like to know your stories..

I'm not sure how to go about finding a place,  or where to look, especially having 2 small dogs.  Should I bring a tent and find a campground?  I'm totally lost as to how I should make that come together, so I'm not sleeping in the cab of my truck with 2 dogs.

Hello - I needed to find a place to live that I could afford, and wanted to be close to the States, so I drove down to Rosarito for a week with a friend. We rented an Airbnb condo. I asked about finding rentals wherever we stopped as we drove around and looked at the area. At one restaurant, a woman said she knew of a rental in her area and she took me to see it. There was a "for rent" sign in the window with a phone number. The place was adorable from the outside - just what I had been envisioning. I called several times but was never able to connect. Our week was up, and I hadn't found anything else suitable. Back in the States a couple of days later, I got a call from the landlord's son, who speaks perfect English. (My Spanish is a work in progress.) They sent me pictures of the apartment, and I rented it sight unseen. I've been here since Dec. 15th and I am loving it so far. I have a small dog, and it seems most places allow pets. I consider myself very lucky to have found this place so relatively easily. Good luck!

I stayed in a sweet boutique hotel (Hotel Catedral) for 8 nights, for $57. per night, while searching for a place to rent. On the 2nd day, with one of several realtors I'd tried, we were walking along the street after not finding anything that worked when I saw a cute little building with a small balcony. I pointed at it and said to the realtor, "I want to live there." The realtor happened to know the landlord, and by the end of the day, I'd had a tour of the apartment and a one-year lease. Sometimes you just need to envision what you want and keep focused on it.

Wow... Very cool how that worked out for you!.  Thank - you for sharing.

I found my town on two vacations when I was still working. Beach town in Jalisco so climate is a huge consideration. Really a good idea is you make a few visits and look around. Stayed in a small apartment of a friend until I found a house

Have you looked at the housing section of the forum, you might find what you want there.

We found a place using an agent here and had to live in a hotel for two weeks until it was ready. She went back to England. That's the way it happens some times.  Fortunately the owner of the house is wonderful. With dogs you will have to have a house. With one small dog you could possibly get an apartment, but not with more than one.

It may require that you stay in a hotel for awhile looking. Do you speak Spanish ?  Lot's of things to think about.

I think I want to live on the Caribbean coast.  Anyone have any experiences on this side?  I've been to Merida, and love it, but if I could get some of the benefits of a large city and be nearer to the water with a lot of the old infrastructure to live in that would be my choice, I think!
Any help is so welcome!

Check it out .... Pacific side much prettier and water more attractive

Hi AlicatAZ,

If you like Merida, I suggest going north where you will find several towns with similar climates and much closer to a beach. Or south , you will eventually be down by Belize and a border town called Chetumal

I am planning to travel to Progreso, Yucatan in November. Have been in contact with reputable agent for 3 months.

I live in Merida and love it! We live on the north side, so the beach is 20minutes away and all the amenities are 20min south or east. The health infrastructure in Merida is the best in the south if that's important to you. There are plenty of expats living in Progresso and it's close enough to Merida for anything you need outside of Progresso. The Carribean side is beautiful, but there are no large cities. Merida is the 14th largest city in the country. The only city near water that's larger is Acapulco.

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